TV + Radio

“Suitcase Stories” Podcast / Facebook Live – International Institute of New England

  • Live podcast from the International Institute of New England where I discuss my journey as a writer and my upcoming memoir, Radio Big Mouth

“Hell or High Water”  – PBS

  • Video of me sharing the story of my family’s immigration from Cuba, part of an episode of “Stories from the Stage,” a new show on PBS.

A Family’s Political Tradition, from Cuba to the U.S. – NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • An audio commentary reflecting on the ongoing political osmosis of our immigration from Cuba.

A Father’s Ticket Out of Cuba: BaseballNPR’s All Things Considered 

  • A commentary reflecting on my father’s baseball career, which paved the way out of Cuba for our family.

Paper Girl: Small-Time Media Mogul – NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • A commentary recounting the highs and lows of my days as a paper girl.

In Cuba, Everyone Has a Nickname – NPR’s All Things Considered

  • A commentary breaking down the lively nicknames of my barrio in Havana.

A House Full of Spirits NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • A commentary on the eclectic and goofy religious observances of my childhood home.

Cuban Connection – NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • A funny glimpse of the challenge of supporting my family on the island.

Oil Makes Chavez’s Rhetoric Scarier Than Castro’s – NPR’s All Things Considered

  • Some political thoughts on Hugo Chavez.

Refugee Guilt – NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • An examination of the ways we can never ignore our immigrant pasts.

Becoming More American Than Cuban – NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • A look at my conflicted feelings as my family becomes more American than Cuban.

Police Stories – NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • Some of the best stories from my brother’s days on the force.

Feels Like The Very First Time – NPR’s All Things Considered

  • A look at my parents, in their first days living alone together in their 70s.

Standing Up For Consumer’s Rights – NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • A story about my mother, who treasured her freedom and always fought those taking advantage of consumers.

School-Taught Spanish Leaves Out Regional Flavor – NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • A rumination on the boring, soulless Spanish my children learned in school.

Carpool Duties, Evenly Distributed – NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • A look at how I learned the most about my kid’s lives by listening on their way to school.

The Discreet Charm of Going ‘Unplugged’ – NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • An old but prescient commentary on the ubiquitous stimulation in our modern lives.

A Club That Speaks the Language: ‘Latinas Vecinas’ – NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • A breakdown of how the Latina women of my town have banded together.

Citizens Recall Reagan Years – NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • Some recordings of my look at back at my transition from student to professional during the Reagan presidency.

Happy Birthday – Gotcha!  – NPR’s All Things Considered 

  • A funny little story about my son’s Laser Tag birthday party.