Actos de Repudio… A Reckoning

Screen shot of act of repudiation against independent journalist, Iliana Hernandez, December 8, 2020, Cojímar, Cuba.

February 2, 2022

Bridges to Cuba just posted my new essay on “acts of repudiation,” the organized public shaming brigades that are sent to the homes of dissidents to shout insults, hurl eggs, and sometimes deliver beatings. The essay explores how my own family was marked by the “acto” that we experienced when we were trying to get out of Cuba and my efforts to turn that ugly legacy into something constructive.

Bridges was created by two Cuban American author-heroes of mine, Ruth Behar and Richard Blanco. It was an honor to work with them on this project. It’s a far better essay because of their insights and guidance.

You can read it here: