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Original Pieces:

A Way ForwardBridges to Cuba 

  • An essay exploring how my family was marked by an act of “repudiation” when we tried to leave Cuba – and how I’ve tried to that ugly legacy into something constructive.

Old Cubans like my Papi see hope for their homeland in young protestors – The Washington Post 

  • An essay on emerging protest movements in Cuba and the hope they represent for Cubans on the island and in the states

Hope Sings – Psychology Today

  • An essay on the solace a group of canaries have provided my grieving father – and our entire family.

‘The Cubans’ Review: A More Profound Truth – The Wall Street Journal

  • My review of Anthony De Palma’s The Cubans, a fantastic book taking us behind the romantic veil that hides the day-to-day experiences of ordinary Cubans

Bridging the Cuban Generation Gap The New York Times 

  • An essay on my last trip to Cuba and the growing political distance between Cuban Americans of different generations.

The Cuban Generation Gap – Slideshow  The New York Times

  • A slideshow featuring photographs of Cuba, and my family both on the island and in the states.

Fools of Engagement – The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine 

  • An essay on how I proposed to my husband – and made him break out in hives.

Talk To The Hand – The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine

  • A essay on the silent treatment – perhaps a wife and mother’s greatest weapon.

Into the Light: Anthony Martignetti – The Colonial Times 

  • A close look at my good friend Anthony Martignetti’s final story collection, published towards the end of his too-short life.

Under Pressure With Abuela The Colonial Times 

  • A funny little rambling on pressure cookers as a symbol of solidarity between the women in my family.

Love Like Libby’s– The Colonial Times 

  • A close look at a woman who gave up a kidney and managed to save her husband’s life.

I’ve also published several other fiction and nonfiction pieces in Descant Literary Magazine, the New Hampshire Union Leader, The Boston Globe and The Lexington Minuteman. Email me for full text.

Coverage of my performances and events:

Artists partner with Lexington Refugee Assistance Program– The Lexington Minuteman 

  • Coverage of “Yearning to Breathe Free”, a charity performance I recently hosted with the Monroe Center for the Arts in support of LEXWRAP, a charity supporting immigrants in my home town.

Memories, art and action – The Lexington Minuteman 

  • Coverage of “Cuba: Memory, Art and Action – An Evening to Benefit Caritas Cuba” – a charity performance I recently hosted with fellow Cubana Melinda Lopez and the Monroe Center for the Arts.